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Welcome to Parksville


Brother Philip Coffman and Family

From our Pastor:
Welcome to Parksville Baptist Church!  Our church is an old fashioned,
Bible believing church.  We simply believe the Bible, preach the Bible,
teach the Bible and by God’s grace obey the Bible. I am honored that you
have taken the time to visit us today on the web, and we would like for
you to know that our doors are always open!  

Here at Parksville, we strive to promote a loving spirit.  God has created
you to be great and we would love to help you discover, through the
Word of God, the champion that resides in you.

The Lord will show HIMSELF strong to those who trust wholly in HIM
Believers by faith have peace in their dependence upon HIM invokes HIS
Divine blessings and protection.  They don’t forget nor try to get from
others what only GOD can provide.  Since HE is the same yesterday, today and forever—HIS reputation has a lifetime guarantee.

Philip Coffman


We still need mowers to sign up for the following days:
September 16th, 23rd, 30th
October 7th,14th, 21st

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ABOUT Parksville            About our church

Parksville is a small community with a population of approximately 900 and is located at the corner of Highway 34 and Highway 300 and is six miles west of the 127 bypass in Danville, Kentucky. Today, Parksville has a post office, Parksville Christian Church, Parksville Baptist Church (founded in 1923), Connie’s, a small sit down restaurant, a two-engine fire department, a volunteer rescue squad, and several unoccupied commercial buildings. Parksville was founded by James Parks who is buried in the Parksville Cemetery.

The desire for a permanent church building was born in a revival service held under a tent in July 1923. The present lot was secured January 19, 1924. On the 3rd Sunday in August 1924 the new building was used for worship. The debt on the church was paid off on February 23, 1925. Since that time, the surrounding land has been purchased and this made it possible to build additional classrooms, a church parsonage, and on January 24, 2006 a new Family Ministry Center that was dedicated to the be used for the worship of God and for the life building of His Kingdom among men.